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Your Options for rebuild:

1. We can completely rebuild your old equipment. OR

2. We can provide repairs only. No cleaning involved.

3. We can provide cleaning only. No rebuilding involved, but we will test the unit.  

Example of Cost Savings for rebuilt

The prices listed above are for example only and are in no way any indication of actual cost.

Each piece of equipment must be evaluated in order to quote and guarantee your cost accurately.

CWTF Low 3

Refurbishing includes replacing the following:

1. New Thermostat

2. New Limit Thermostat

3. New Digital Timer

4. New Ready Light

5. New Switches

6. New warmer plates and elements if needed

7. Replace any burnt or frayed wiring

We will inspect the holding tanks integrity and also inspect the heating element. The unit will be tested to ensure that all components are working properly.

Rebuilt Equipment is always cheaper than the cost of new equipment and improves the return on investment.

Our refurbishing is generally less expensive than the cost of a factory rebuild. Let Caldwell Beverage Repair, Inc. refurbish old equipment that is lying around on the warehouse floor. Equipment restored by Caldwell Beverage Repair will look and function like new. 

**We pickup the equipment that you might have in your 

warehouse, refurbish the equipment and bring it back within 150 miles 

of our Columbia SC office. No hassles for you!**

If major problems exist with the equipment, it may not be in your best interest to have the unit refurbished. 

 We will diagnose the brewer for you and let you decide.

If preferred, you may supply parts for the rebuild and be billed for labor only.

We will return old replaced parts, on your recommendation, for your inspection. 

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